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Let’s prepare to get the MOST out of your conference experience! Join Katie Read as we deep dive into embarrassing personal stories…and so much more! We’re defining your intentions and making sure you create the exact experience you WANT. These 20 minutes are your non-negotiable must-watch to prep you for the 3 fabulous days to come!

This talk opened Therapy Reimagined 2021.

Our Presenter

Katie Read

Katie takes lessons from her nearly-20 successful years in the field to help clinicians grow…then OUTgrow…their practices. 
Immediately upon licensure, Katie was made Director of a large Transitional Aged Youth program in Oakland, CA. Later, she was recruited to Direct one of Sacramento’s largest Wraparound Programs, and from there she moved into the role of Director of Clinical Supervision, personally supervising 40+ interns towards licensure. 
Concurrently, Katie had private practices in multiple cities, taught graduate psychology students, and wrote and created therapist training materials. 
Katie is also a special needs mom and loves helping other moms tune into their own intuition and lead their best-possible lives by taking the sometimes-scary leap into following what’s best for them, deep down. 
She is the creator of:
The Clinician to Coach® Academy, The Clini-Coach® Certification, and the Six-Figure Flagship™ Program. 
She’s a little bit obsessed with helping therapists get profitable doing the creative, out-of-the-box, authentic work you’re called to do!

Six Figure Flagship

There is no one MORE qualified to enter the multi-billion dollar online coaching and course worlds than YOU, a trained mental health professional! Every day, your peers are taking advantage of new technology, new ways of working, and new approaches to the helping-professional career. If you are someone who generates transformation in others, then “therapist” is just one label for what you do. There are a million ways for you to help other people while giving you the freedom, income, and impact you’d love! Visit sixfigureflagship.com to learn more.