Why Marketing Sucks for Therapists (and how to fix it) (Non CE)

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Interpersonal Branding by Carrie Wiita | Why Marketing Sucks for Therapists (and how to fix it) (Non CE)

For many therapists, marketing feels really icky. I wrote my master’s thesis on the relationship between therapists and marketing, and in this session, I’ll share what I learned that explains why! Turns out, there are both historical reasons specific to our field and cultural reasons in common with others that explain why marketing feels so uncomfortable sometimes, especially for service providers. I’ll also share the groundbreaking theoretical reframe that is revolutionizing the field of marketing itself and how it can help therapists see marketing efforts as part of the service they offer to clients. You’ll never hate marketing again!

Our Presenter

Carrie Wiita

My recently-completed master’s thesis explored how first impressions and marketing influence the trajectory of the therapeutic relationship in psychotherapy. I have continued studying service marketing and developed a marketing framework specifically for service providers, Interpersonal Branding (IPB), that incorporates practices from my previous careers as a customer service rep, marketer, and TV/film actor. I’m on a mission to make marketing feel less icky!

Interpersonal Branding with Carrie Wiita

Service providers like therapists struggle because the marketing methods available to you are outdated and incompatible with your work. You need marketing for people, not products! Interpersonal Branding is a framework that helps you define who you are, what you do, and how you do it, so you can engage in marketing that is both meaningful to you and useful to your clients. Visit interpersonalbrand.com to learn more.