Copywriting for SEO: Being authentic to who you are as a therapist while writing copy that helps your website rank better (Non CE)

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Jessica Tappana and Cory Moss, Simplified SEO | Copywriting for SEO: Being authentic to who you are as a therapist while writing copy that helps your website rank better (Non CE)

Writing copy for your private practice website that helps you show up in search results is hard! You find yourself wondering, what do I include? How long should it be? How do I explain what I do to someone who doesn’t have a mental health background? Does it sound good? And the list goes on and on…

At Simplified SEO Consulting, we help private practice owners all over the country write copy for their websites. We have written hundreds of service pages on all kinds of mental health topics. So, we know how to write copy that works for SEO and speaks to your ideal client.

Over time, we’ve learned what works when writing effective copy. Our team developed exclusive outlines that makes it easier to do the copywriting for your website and we want to share it with you. We’ll help you write copy that is naturally optimized for search engines. Furthermore, we’ll teach you techniques to simplify your message and explain your services in a way that your clients understand when they’re dealing with challenging mental health issues. Best of all, when you use our strategies, you won’t find yourself struggling to write “enough” content for SEO. Instead, you will find yourself writing with ease.

In our presentation you will learn:

  • How to structure a good service page
  • What elements are necessary for good SEO
  • How to gather information on what your client is actually looking for
  • Writing clearly so your client can understand you with what we refer to as “the 2 am trauma brain.”
  • Information on how to improve your readability
  • How to add internal links in a clear call to action and other services section.

As SEO experts, we believe that a well-optimized website has the power to transform lives. When a website has good SEO and clear copy it is able to reach more clients. Thus, connecting a therapist with their ideal clients. Part of a well-optimized website includes writing good copy. So, join us for our exhibition at Therapy Reimagined: The Modern Therapist Conference and learn new ways to boost your copywriting for SEO skills.

Our Presenters

Jessica Tappana MSW, LCSW

Jessica Tappana believes deeply in the power of psychotherapy to transform lives and lets this serve as her motivation in everything she does. She owns a private pay, group psychotherapy practice in Missouri, maintains a clinical caseload of her own full of her ideal clients and leads the Simplified SEO Consulting team.  Because Jessica believes clinicians do their best work when they’re working with their ideal clients, she loves to hear success stories from current and past SEO clients who’s website is generating more new client leads and allowing them to have a caseload full of exactly the type of clients they work the best with.  Through Simplified SEO Consulting, Jessica offers training options for other clinicians wanting to learn how to optimize their own website and works closely with the “Done for You” program where her team helps therapists from throughout the United States & beyond optimize their website so it shows up more often on Google.

Cory Moss

Cory Moss is Simplified SEO Consulting’s Content Coordinator and oversees the Done-With-You SEO training program. She is an avid SEO enthusiast who will proudly tell you that she gets so much joy from helping her clients fill their practices with their ideal clients. Her keen eye for detail and love of writing makes her a skilled copywriter and SEO specialist. Cory has a BA in psychology and lots of valuable SEO experience in the mental health field. She is excited to virtually bring her knowledge of SEO to Therapy Reimagined so she can help you ethically reach your ideal clients on Google.

Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting is an SEO business specifically for therapists and other mental health providers. Their team of SEO Specialists know how to get your website to the top of search engines so you get more calls from your ideal clients. They offer full SEO services and DIY trainings. These days, word of mouth referrals just aren’t enough to fill your caseload. Instead, most people go to Google when they’re looking for a therapist and when they start searching, you want to make sure they find you!  That’s where Simplified SEO Consulting comes in. Founded and run by a private practice owner, they understand the needs of a private practice. They can help you learn to optimize your own website OR can do the optimizing for you. Visit SIMPLIFIEDSEOCONSULTING.COM/MODERNTHERAPIST to learn more.