1 Million Podcast Downloads: What I Wished Someone Had Told Me (Non CE)

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Dr. Melvin Varghese, The Healthcasters | 1 Million Podcast Downloads: What I Wished Someone Had Told Me (Non CE)

My podcast started with an idea in the shower in 2015.  I struggled with not having a “radio voice” and whether anyone would listen.  We started this journey with truly humble beginnings: 9 downloads on the first day we launched (which I’m sure 4 were my partner and my parents/siblings).  Since then, through the support of an amazing team + colleagues who take the time to listen, we’ve grown the Selling The Couch podcast to averaging 25k/downloads per month with listeners in over 125 countries, and we just crossed 1.2 million downloads.  More than that, I’ve been able to build a successful 4 day/week business centered around my family.  I still record all the episodes from a modest home office.  This video contains the lessons that I would tell my younger self.

Our Presenter

Dr. Melvin Varghese

Melvin Varghese, PhD is a licensed psychologist in Philadelphia, PA. In 2015, Dr. Varghese also founded Selling The Couch, a podcast to help private practitioners grow their impact and income beyond the therapy room. On the podcast, he interviews successful practitioners about how they’ve built their businesses, social media/marketing experts, and shares lessons he’s learning on his own business journey. The podcast is one of the top Career podcasts in Apple Podcasts, has been downloaded over 1 million times, and is heard in over 125 countries. Dr. Varghese also founded several resources for therapists in private practice including: The Healthcasters-A podcasting community for therapists. Online Course School-A live experience to help launch your online course.  Selling The Couch: sellingthecouch.com

The Healthcasters

As therapist business owners, I know many of us dream of sharing our message and diversifying our income beyond the therapy room. To be a recognized thought leader while having a platform to connect with referral sources, share our products + services (therapy services, books, online courses, etc), and gather those who know, love, and trust us. Podcasting is a rapidly growing medium that caters to our strengths as clinicians. The Healthcasters is a course and community created by me in 2015 that’s been trusted by over 250 of our colleagues who podcast. It contains many of the lessons I’ve learned from 9 downloads on day 1 to averaging 25k/downloads per month currently. To learn more about how podcasting can benefit your business, please sign for a free podcasting workshop. Visit sellingthecouch.com/jointhehealthcasters to learn more.